Advanced Appium

Thursday 5 April 2018

  • 09:30-17:30
  • etc.venues The Hatton, Farringdon

At this workshop you'll learn about advanced concepts in Appium. We will learn how to write single script for Android, iOS and mobile web apps. Once our tests are established, we will work on framework design and reporting. We will also have a detailed look at how can we automate various mobile gestures using TouchActions and mobile endpoints in Appium and running distributed tests in parallel on various emulators and simulators.


  • Appium Architecture
  • Locating elements using Inspector
  • Platform-wise Desired Capabilities
  • Start Appium Server programmatically


  • Deeper understanding about Gestures
  • Run through various gestures like Swipe, LongPress, Double tap, Drag and Drop using TouchActions API
  • Explore mobile: endpoints for same gestures on both Android and iOS
  • Create our own complex gestures using above endpoints

Framework Design

  • Mobile specific page object annotations
  • Write one script to test all platforms
  • Chaining of various elements
  • Run single tests on Android, iOS and mobile web apps

Parallelize Tests

  • Understanding about Appium Server Session
  • Desired Capabilities changes required to run tests in parallel
  • Run test in parallel on emulators and simulators
  • Running tests on Sauce Cloud (if time permits)


  • It is mandatory to refresh your basic Appium skills as it is advanced Appium workshop
  • Detailed setup instructions will be shared couple of weeks before workshop day
  • Configure your laptops well before the workshop day
  • Still having problems with setting up your laptop, join our slack channel a week before workshop day
Srinivasan Sekar

Srinivasan Sekar

Senior Consultant - ThoughtWorks
Sai Krishna

Sai Krishna

Lead Consultant - ThoughtWorks
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About Srinivasan Sekar

Srinivasan Sekar is a Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He loves contributing to Open Source. He is an Appium Member and Selenium Contributor as well. He worked extensively on testing various Mobile and Web Applications. He specialises in building automation frameworks. He has also spoken at various conferences including SeleniumConf and FOSDEM.

About Sai Krishna

Sai Krishna is a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks with 8 years of experience. Over the course of his career, he has worked extensively on testing different Mobile applications and building automation frameworks. He is an active contributor to Appium and also Member of Appium org. He loves to contribute to OpenSource technologies and is passionate about creating value by introducing new ways of thinking.


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