Continuous Testing for Mobile Applications

Thursday 5 April 2018

  • 09:30-17:30
  • etc.venues The Hatton, Farringdon

Building on a basic understanding of how to create Appium test scripts, this course introduces the use of testing frameworks, with the example of TestNG for Java, to improve the efficiency of test/build process through parallel testing, and to provide advanced testing techniques and features such as assertions and test reporting. This course also covers methods for designing tests and test suites to take advantage of parallel testing capabilities, such as abstraction and the use of PageObjects, as well as considerations for application design that improve testability.

Primary Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use testing frameworks to run tests in parallel and for advanced testing features
  • Understand how to design applications for testing
  • Understand how to design tests and test suites to optimize test and build efficiency
  • Understand how to incorporate continuous integration into the development cycle


  • Familiarity with Appium and/or Selenium and ability to write a basic test script
  • Familiarity with Java or the ability to understand Java code
Titus Fortner

Titus Fortner

Solution Architect - Sauce Labs
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About Titus Fortner

Titus Fortner is a core contributor to Selenium project and the maintainer of the Ruby bindings. He spends a significant amount of time writing open source testing software built on top of Selenium. He is the project lead for Watir and is active in supporting these projects on Stack Overflow, message boards and in the Selenium Slack and irc. Titus has implemented automated tests at five different companies and currently works at Sauce Labs as a Solution Architect, working with clients to facilitate improving testing practices.


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