• 13 June 2019

For even more in-depth learning at AppiumConf, register for a full-day workshop the day before the conference.

Workshops will run from 9:30–17:30 on Thursday 13 June 2019. Tickets are sold separately from the conference.

2018 Workshop

Advanced Appium

Dive into advanced Appium concepts in this workshop for power users. We'll cover multi-platform single script tests, framework design and reporting, automating mobile gestures and lots more.

Srinivasan Sekar
Sai Krishna

Appium with Real Devices

The constant increase in mobile device usage pushes many organizations to take a closer look at mobile testing, especially testing on real mobile devices. At this workshop, you'll learn the basics to jumpstart your career in mobile test automation.

Umut Uzgur

Continuous Testing for Mobile Applications

Building on a basic understanding of how to create Appium test scripts, this course introduces the use of testing frameworks, with the example of TestNG for Java, to improve the efficiency of test/build process through parallel testing, and to provide advanced testing techniques and features such as assertions and test reporting.

Titus Fortner


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